Marathon Charities

Raising funds for good causes...

Sara Lee Trust Sara Lee Trust
The Sara Lee Trust provides specialist counselling and psychological support, therapeutic group activities and complementary therapies to people living with cancer. They offer places in the London Marathon.
Tel. 01424 457969 or e-mail

Bloodwise Bloodwise
Bloodwise are a national charity dedicated to fighting blood cancer. They offer places in various marathons, including the Greater Manchester Marathon, Virgin London Marathon and Stirling Scottish Marathon.
Tel. 020 7504 2200 or e-mail

St Mungo's St Mungo's
Join the Home Team!! St Mungo's opens doors for homeless people. Mainly based in London and the South, St Mungo's provide support towards recovery and help to prevent rough sleeping. They run over 100 projects and help thousands of homeless people make life changes every year. For more information, please contact
Tel. 0208 762 5582 or e-mail

Genetic Disorders UK Genetic Disorders UK
Organising participation in various events, including Edinburgh, London and Brighton marathons, Genetic Disorders UK are always keen to hear from anyone looking to support their cause.
Tel. 0800 987 8987

Spinal Injuries Association Spinal Injuries Association
With over 1,000 people sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury every year, there are believed to be around 40,000 people in Britain living with a spinal injury. The Spinal Injuries Association supports these people.
Tel. 0845 678 6633 or email:

Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK
Cancer kills 1 in 3. Help more survive this terrible disease.
Cancer Research has guaranteed places in the London Marathon (and other races) each year, and all those already with places and running elsewhere are welcome to help this worthy cause.
Tel. 0870 162 1622 or check out the events page.

H•E•A•R•T UK aims to help support those at risk of inherited high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Money is used to support the work of research scientists as well as the care from doctors, nurses and dietitians.
Tel. 0845 450 5988 or email:

Leukaemia CARE Leukaemia CARE
Leukaemia CARE exists to provide vital care and support to all those whose lives are affected by leukaemia, lymphoma and the allied blood disorders. Their work extends to the welfare of families and carers, as well as that of patients themselves.
Tel. 01905 755977 ext 227 or email:

WellChild WellChild
WellChild is committed to supporting sick children. Whatever the illness they work to find ways of preventing and curing childhood disease and illness as well as improving the treatment and care of sick children.
Tel. 0845 122 8636 or email:

Amnesty International Amnesty International
Want to raise money for Amnesty International? 20 Gold Bond places are available for the London Marathon each year. But, if you have a place in this race, or any other marathon, and still want to raise money for them...
Tel. 020 7033 1651 or email:

Spinal Research Spinal Research
Raising money to fight spinal injury. Guaranteed places are available each year in the Flora London Marathon, the British 10K London Road Race, the London Triathlon and the Great North Run
Tel. 01483 891975 or email:

British Heart Foundation British Heart Foundation
The British Heart Foundation helps people with heart problems. It also provides invaluable information to help us all look after our hearts, including how to give smoking and lead a more healthy lifestyle. Run for them in the Great North Run, Great Scottish Run, Marathon de Sable or one of the many other road races this year.
Tel. 020 7935 0185 or Find an event

Leukaemia, cancer of the blood, is the most common form of childhood cancer. Although many chidren survive leukaemia, the didease is on the increase. Support the work of scientist and doctor to keep up the fight against this horrible disease. Run for CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA with a London Marathon Gold Bond, or raise money in any other race.
Tel. 020 7404 0808 or email:

Deafness Research UK Deafness Research UK
One in seven of the UK population has a hearing disability. Deafness Research UK works towards advances in scientific and medical research, to ensure that one day all forms of hearing disability will be overcome. Please show your support for those affected by taking part in the London Marathon, Brighton Marathon and London 10,000.
Tel. 020 7679 8904 or email:

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