Marathon Resources

To assist you further with your efforts ahead of your next marathon we have compiled a list of other marathon resourses. We hope they will be assist your marathon preparation.

Marathon in a Day
Run a virtual marathon, and raise funds to help fight depression.

Races 2 Run
Read about, register and check out your finishing times for a comprehensive list of US long distance runs, including marathons.

Vitamins Direct
Online vitamin and health food store. Ideal to protect your joints, heart and immune system.
Online store selling shoes for runners.

Serpentine Runners Last Friday of the Month 5K
On the last Friday of every month London's Serpentine Runners organise a 5K run in Regents Park - ideal as part of marathon training.

Relieving Runner Knee Pain - The Unrivaled Guide
Prevention, Treatments, and Recovery to Heal and Bombproof Your Knees.

Cheap Hotel Bookings
Looking for cheap or luxury hotel near your next race venue? Compare the prices of 1 star hotels to 5 star hotels to find you the cheapest deal on the market.

Half Marathon List UK
A list of half marathons in the UK, with race times, registration details and more.

A website that helps you raise money for charity. Set up an account that allows sponsors to donate to your cause online.