Cambridge Boundary Run Marathon

March 2025

Start Time : TBC
Number of Places : TBC

The Cambridge Boundary Run is organised by Cambridge University Hare & Hounds, The University Cross-Country Running Club. The race stems from when three men and a dog ran around the boundary of the borough of Cambridge non-stop. Inspired by this, twenty-five years later, James Hasler and Derek Shorrocks decided to organise a similar event when about fifteen runners ran around the boundary in February 1949. Although originally an irregular event, the Cambridge Boundary Marathon is now an annual event.

Cambridge Boundary Marathon Route
Cambridge is a flat city, making the Cambridge Boundary Marathon quite a flat race. As the name suggests it loops around the city. The race starts and finishes at the Cambridge University Sports Centre.

Cambridge Boundary Marathon Entry
* Cambridge Students : TBC
* Other Runners : TBC
* Registration Deadline : TBC
* Charity Places : Runners are advised to contact their chosen charity.

Contact Information
Contact : Josh Carr
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