Toronto Waterfront Marathon

22 October 2017

Start Time : 8:45am
Number of Places : 6,000

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is a flat and fast race, leading to many runners achieving PBs, which may explain why it has been described as Canada's number one big-city marathon.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon Route
The route is very flat, leading to a fast race and good race times for many runners, so much so that in 2009 the Toronto Waterfront was the 4th fastest marathon in North America.

The race starts at City Hall. From there runners go south and east for two miles kilometres Lake Ontario and onto Lakeshore Boulevard. Then everyone west to the twelve kilometre mark, where it turns and leads back eastward back along Lakeshore to Stadium Road. From there the race follows onto to Queens Quay, east to Parliament & Lakeshore Boulevard and Lakeshore and south to Cherry Street.

Next, the route turns east and north into Lakeshore. Then everyone heads east via Coxwell towards Queen Street, turning around at Neville Park. From there, the race leads west along Eastern Avenue, continuing along Wellington to Bay. Finally runners head north on Bay to the spectacular Finish outside City Hall.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : $90 (until 24 Jan), $100 (until 31 May), $110 (until 26 Jul), $120 (until 16 Oct)
* Registration Deadline : 16 October

Contact Details
Contact : Alan Brookes
Tel. : 416 944 2765
Fax. : 416 944 8527
Email :
Website :

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : Runners will be expected to finish within 6:15 hours.