Okinawa Marathon

17 February 2019

Start Time : 9:00 a.m.
Number of Places : 13,500

The Okinawa Marathon was first run in 1993. There is also the option of a 10K race.

Okinawa Marathon Route
The race has a varied terrain, starting flat for about 10K before becoming notably more hilly. The steep downhill slope in the last mile is appreciated by many and allows a strong finish.

Runners start and finish in Okinawa Comprehensive Park. The route follows a single loop course, passing through various villages, towns, and cities in central Okinawa. Much of the route will be line with local supporters, many of whom offer water and food to passing runners.

Okinawa Marathon Entry
* Adults : 6,000 Yen
* Students (Age 16+) : 5,000 Yen
* Age 65+ : 5,000 Yen
* Registration Deadline : 7 December

Contact Details
Contact : Okinawa Marathon
Address : 2-9-35 Kaiho, Okinawa city,Okinawa 904-2162, Japan
Tel. : (098)930-0088
Fax. : (098)930-0101
Email :
Website :

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : Runners will be expected to finish within 6:15 hours.