T43 Swiss Alpine Marathon

July 2022

Start Time : TBC
Number of Places : TBC

The T43 Swiss Alpine Marathon is part of the Swissalpine Irontrail event, which offers runners the opportunity to run various races through the high-alpine scenery of the Grisons mountains.

T43 Swiss Alpine Marathon Route
The T43 follows a one lap, rugged mountainous course through Alp Muntatsch, St. Moritz, Lej dals Chods, Pontresina and Muottas Muragl, before returning to Samedan. Surrounding scenery is stunning, so-much-so that the race has been described as "the most beautiful trail marathon in the world".

T43 Swiss Alpine Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : TBC
* Registration Deadline : TBC

Contact Details
Address :Swissalpine Marathon Davos, Gauggelistrasse 16, CH-7000 Chur
Tel. : +41 81 258 40 27
Email : info@swissalpine.ch
Website : http://www.swissalpine.ch