Monschau Marathon

13 August 2017

Start Time : 8:00am
Number of Places : 1,000

The Monschau Marathon was first run in 1977. It is a very senic race incorporating surrounding forests. As well as the marathon there is the option of a 'Nordic Walk'.

Monschau Marathon Route
Most of the course is undulating with about two-thirds being off-road. There are two notably hilly areas, at 12km and at 32km, both of which last for about 2km.

The race starts and finishes outside the church in the village of Konzen. It passes through surrounding countryside, incorporating the Nature reserve Nordeifel and the local forest-track.

Monschau Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : EUR 36
* Registration Deadline : When the race is full.

Contact Details
Contact : Oliver Krings
Address : On Potzchen 20, 52156 Monschau
Tel. : +49 0 24 72-59 13
Email :
Website :

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : Runners will be expected to finish within 6 hours.
* Pasta Party : There is a pasta party the evening before the race.