Brussels Marathon

2 October 2022

Start Time : TBC
Number of Places : TBC

The Brussels Marathon is a tough marathon with a profile that makes it most suitable for serious runners. There is also a less insane half marathon.

Brussels Marathon Route
The Brussels Marathon is very hilly and not recommended for the unprepared or inexperienced marathon runner. It will challenge even the most fit participant.

Runners start from Cinquantenaire Park in the centre of Brussels and the finish line is at Boulevard Anspach. Brussels isn't exactly the prettiest city in Europe, so there aren't always fantastic sites to see along the way. However the race passes through many of the greener parts of the city as well as the woods and out to the beautiful Africa Museum before pointing runners back to the city.

Brussels Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : TBC
* Registration Deadline : TBC

Contact Details
Contact : Golazo sports
Address : Schoebroekstraat 8, 3583 Paal
Tel. : +32 11 45 99 00
Email :
Website :

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : Runners will be expected to finish within 5 hours.