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Prague's charm is not only in the number of its sights, but also in its unique character and atmosphere. From enchanted castles to modern architecture, Prague is full of delightful surprises - the best of which are found on foot. Choose from the Hervis Prague Half Marathon (31 March), Volkswagen Prague Marathon (13 May) or Mattoni Prague Grand Prix (8 September) and get ready for a sightseeing tour in your running shoes!

Races in Prague meet the expectations of both - professional athletes and recreational runners. Organized at the highest international standards Prague running events have been awarded with two Gold and one Silver IAAF Road Race Labels. The quality of the race organization, various distances and disciplines and the picturesque race course today attracts runners from 89 countries around the world. The Hervis Prague Half Marathon is the most international race in the Running Circuit - more than 50% of participants are foreign runners. One of the reasons causing this kind of popularity might the race course ranked amongst the fastest in the world, after both men and women records were smashed in 2011.

Those runners who do not seek to beat their personal best can slow down and enjoy all the wonderful sites along the way, whether it is Volkswagen Prague Marathon, giving a 7 hour time limit to complete the full marathon distance, or the Mattoni Prague Grand Prix, offering a frilling night run experience.

The first ever Prague International Marathon was organized in 1995 by the Olympic champions Emil Zatopek and Gelindo Bordin. Mr. Zatopek's wife still cheers up the runners at the finish line and her presence in Prague‘s races has become a tradition. During the 15 years of existence Prague events attracted many world's leading athletes such as Haile Gebrselassie, Stefano Baldini, Paul Tergat, Moses Tanui, Antonio Pinto etc. and brought thousands of visitors to the Czech Republic. The world famous football player Pavel Nedved ran the Half Marathon and is now considering completing the full marathon distance.

Responding to a growing "marathon mania" in the country the organizers of Prague International Marathon in cooperation with tempo team have launched a new project adding 3 new regional races to the ones in Prague. Expanding to other regions, the full Running Circuit will be complete in 2014 and will expect over 80 000 participants per year. The creators of the project seek to to promote healthy, active living among the population and create the largest collection of races in some of the most enchanting places in the Czech Republic.

Races for the whole family, electrifying atmosphere and the sensation of running in a historical city... Start with Prague and combine your passion for running with exciting travelling adventures!

More information about the races at WWW.RUNCZECH.COM